Pubs to visit in Ireland

8 Fabulous Pubs to Visit in Ireland

Ireland, rich in tradition and surrounded by green landscapes, is known for its welcoming pub scene, a core part of Irish life. Many pubs serve outstanding drinks in a friendly, local setting. You find both old, storied pubs and new, modern bars, all offering unique Irish experiences. Let’s take a virtual trip to 8 great pubs in Ireland, each boasting unique charm, vibrant atmosphere, and a hint of famous Irish hospitality.

The pubs, found everywhere from Dublin’s brick roads to Galway’s cute corners, are more than just places to grab a drink. They’re markers of culture, heart, and soul. Whether you’re after a traditional pub with live music or a trendy urban spot with craft beers, this guide gives you varied tastes of Ireland’s pubs. They invite you to enjoy the perfect pint, accompanied by a rich history, friendships, and Ireland’s lively spirit.

Here are the 8 Fabulous Pubs to Visit in Ireland

1. The Brazen Head, Dublin

Opened in 1198, The Brazen Head is Ireland’s longest-serving pub. Positioned in Dublin’s center, it has a quaint charm with low ceilings, wood interiors, and a brick courtyard. Visitors can enjoy classic Irish meals with a variety of drinks, taking in the pub’s long history. Live music adds to the energetic environment, making The Brazen Head an essential stop for anyone wanting a real Dublin pub experience.

2. Dublin’s Temple Bar

This standout pub, found in Dublin’s energetic Temple Bar neighborhood, welcomes both residents and visitors. It offers a lively vibe, distinct look, and a diverse choice of Irish whiskeys and artisan beers. There’s live music often, and visitors can enjoy the festive feeling. This is a must-visit for anyone keen on the city’s pub culture.

3. Galway’s The Quays

At the center of Galway’s Latin Quarter sits The Quays. This bustling pub embodies the spirit of typical Irish music and dance. Nestled by the River Corrib, it provides a perfect spot for guests to sip a beer while watching live shows. Combining old-world allure with modern vibes, it’s a favorite spot for locals and tourists wanting an authentic Galway pub outing.

4. Dingle’s Dick Mack’s

Hidden in the scenic town of Dingle on the western coastline, you’ll find Dick Mack’s. It’s a unique combined pub, leather store, and cozy beer garden. Celebrated for its charming personality and vast whiskey stock, travellers exploring the beautiful Dingle Peninsula find it a comforting pit stop. Its warm environment and friendly locals make it a must-do on any Irish pub circuit.

5. Belfast’s The Crown Liquor Saloon

In Belfast stands The Crown Liquor Saloon, a lavish Victorian-era pub. With its luxurious décor, colorful glass panes, and decorative tiles, it is well-known. Run by the National Trust, it offers a journey into the past with its wide range of beverages. The pub showcases Belfast’s architectural and cultural past, making it an intriguing spot for those seeking a unique pub outing.

6. The Cobblestone, Dublin

The Cobblestone is tucked away in Smithfield neighborhood. This traditional Irish pub is a hub for live local music and draws in music lovers and musicians each night. Its relaxed vibe and focus on preserving Irish music make it a must-visit stop in Dublin.

7. The Porterhouse Brewing Company, Dublin

If you’re after a new spin on the classic pub, visit The Porterhouse Brewing Company. This was Dublin’s first pub brewery and it offers a variety of craft beers brewed right there. With its lively atmosphere, original beers, and tasty pub food, it’s a top choice for those keen to try Ireland’s evolving beer scene.

8. Tigh Neachtain, Galway

Situated in Galway’s Latin Quarter, Tigh Neachtain is a welcoming pub that’s been around since 1894. You’ll find stone walls, cozy corners, and a wide variety of Irish whiskies. It’s the perfect place to relax after wandering through Galway or attending city events.


Pub-hopping in Ireland isn’t just about enjoying a drink, but about experiencing the country’s rich culture. From the old-world charm of Dublin’s The Brazen Head to the modern flair of The Porterhouse Brewing Company, each pub showcases a piece of Irish pub culture. In both busy cities and small towns, these 8 pubs represent the country’s welcoming, friendly, and festive pub scene.

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