Places in the UK to Watch the Sunset

The Top 6 Places in the UK to Watch the Sunset

There are many beautiful places in the UK to see the amazing display of a sunset as the sun sets and spreads its warm colours across the landscape. Each region has its own unique attractions and spots to enjoy nature’s nighttime show, from the wild beaches of Cornwall to the calm seas of the Scottish Highlands. These top locations in the UK invite both tourists and residents to take a moment to stop, think, and be in wonder of the beauty of the day’s end as the sky turns into a canvas of bright colours. These locations can be found atop ancient mountains overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, situated among rolling hills dotted with historic landmarks, or along filled city waterfronts.

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Here are the top 6 Places in the UK to Watch the Sunset

1. The View from the Shard, London

The highest structure in the nation, Renzo Piano’s “Lighthouse for London,” opened its doors in 2013 and appears to belong in the city just as much as Tower Bridge or St. Paul’s. Its viewing platform, which covers a variety of themes and activities, from Wimbledon Fortnight to Silent Disco, and even features a London restaurant with a view, has made a major difference to its attraction to Londoners. One of the most satisfying ways to take in the views is to simply enjoy a sunset with a glass of champagne.

2. Greenwich Park, London

In southwest London’s Richmond Park, one can see St. Paul’s Cathedral and see both fallow and red deer. However, the incredible view of the Thames and the city beyond may be seen in Greenwich Park to the east, which is bordered by the beautiful colonnaded paths of the Naval College, making it a lovely location to enjoy a London sunset. The GMT time scale, of course, comes from the Royal Observatory. Walk through Greenwich Park as the sun sets, get a couple of ice cream cones, and find a spot to enjoy this amazing view of London and the setting sun.

3. Exmoor National Park, Devon

Exmoor, with its wild pony and goats, and its empty, hilly landscape, hardly seems like a place lost in time. Which, naturally, adds to its beauty. Find a rocky outcrop to observe the changing colours as the sun sets, and then return later to witness another beautiful show: Exmoor is the ideal park for a sunset view because it is a certified Dark Sky Reserve with amazing views of the sky overhead.

4. Brighton i360 viewing tower, Brighton

See the entire south coast from the chalky arches of the Seven Sisters to the Isle of Islands by taking a “flight” over Brighton on the Brighton i360, formerly known as the British Airways i360 viewing pod. A must-do activity in Brighton is to watch the sun set over the sea from 450 feet above the ground. Toast the Brighton views with a glass of Nye timber English sparkling wine from the Sky Bar on board for the ideal sundowner.

5. Gower Peninsula, Wales

See why this remarkable peninsula in southern Wales was named the UK’s first Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty—it boasts mile upon mile of uninhabited beaches, sand dunes, and cliffs that seem to rise directly out of the water. Take in the sunset over the water and setting behind the rocks at Three Cliffs Bay, or stroll along the Wales Coast Path (you don’t have to walk the whole 870 miles).

6. The Mersey Riverbank, Liverpool

When the sun sets over the Mersey, you might see why this grubby city is also one of our most inventive. The Three Graces, or Port of Liverpool Building, Royal Liver Building, and Cunard Building, are the main attractions of the waterfront and are always inspiring when bathed in the purple glow of the evening light. Gather around the camera and join the locals admiring the scene from the other side of the river.


One thing becomes very evident as the sun sets on this investigation of the best locations in the UK to watch the sunset: the diversity and beauty of the British landscape offer numerous opportunities for remarkable moments of natural amazement. Here you may stop, think, and take in the delicate yet profound beauty of the setting sun, whether you’re looking for isolation on isolated beaches or want to share the moment with busy city crowds. The UK’s sunset views, which stretch from the southernmost point of England to the northernmost regions of Scotland, invite everyone to take pleasure in a thrilling hug of nature and serve as a constant reminder of its everlasting attraction and beauty.

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